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Thread: Issue with script recorder

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    Issue with script recorder

    Hello! I've been having issues with the script recorder in artrage :-(
    Every time I record a drawing it changes the color for other that isn't the original for example if i use a skin color it changes it to blue or orange , I noticed this when I saved the script and play in artrage , I love recording my drawings process and this is very frustrating because I take a lot of time making my drawings :-(

    I really don't know why this happens I've searched all over the internet searching for a fix of this lag but I don't find anything!!!! Please I need answers 😭
    (Btw sorry if my English isn't that good this isnt my language 😅 )

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    Hello Mothtears and welcome to the ArtRage forums
    I must confess I don’t often record my paintings but on those occasions I have done so I don’t remember seeing the problem you are having at the moment.
    And I tried for a couple of hours this morning trying and still no issues for me.

    I would suggest contacting Ambient Design directly about your problem.
    Give as much detail as you can, i.e; Operating system and OS version, ArtRage version, etc… etc…
    You can contact them via the web support page here:
    Or via email at: [email protected]
    I really hope you can get this sorted soon,
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