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Thread: Timelapse feature

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    Timelapse feature

    Does artrage 5 have a time-lapse feature built in to it?

    Iíve tried to use OBS but its really inefficient for me, especially because I get very distracted and click off of the app regularly. This becomes a bigger issue the longer the canvas takes for completion.

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    While no version of AR can record to any form of video format, you can record and save your painting sessions as ARScrips.
    After doing that you can then run your screen recording software of choice whilst playing back your painting session for it to record as a video file.

    Itís also worth noting that as ARScripts are mostly in a human readable form you can also, using a Text Editor, do some pre-editing of the script itself before playback if you wish to remove things like unwanted AR generated message windows that may have shown while you were painting, etcÖ
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