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Thread: Apple Pencil 2 - iPad pro - ArtRage Vitae menu issues

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    Apple Pencil 2 - iPad pro - ArtRage Vitae menu issues

    Whenever I use the pencil to select any kind of menu, it opens briefly and then closes for no reason.

    Does anyone understand why this happens or how to fix it?

    I have Artrage Vitae, iPad Pro, Apple pencil gen 2

    EDIT: Anyone else have the same problem?
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    This problem seems to arise due to the pencil's hover feature.. and a strange interaction with the menu system.

    As a temporary work around, I have found turning off hover features for the pencil (in IOs settings) or turning OFF the setting "Painting Closes Panels" in ArtRage Vitae helps.

    Turning BOTH off seems to be the most effective work around... currently.

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    It seems just turning off all hover features is an effective work around.

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    Hi DarkOwnt, just thought Iíd let you know you are not just; "speaking into the void"!
    But not having an iPad or Pencil myself I canít really offer much here, but if you have not already done so itís probably worth contacting Ambient Design directly about this. Maybe they can find a more elegant solution/fix.
    Glad you've found some workarounds for now though
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