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Thread: Any time is Redhead Time

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    Any time is Redhead Time

    Hi again! My latest. Always welcome feedback of any kind.

    (couldn't upload an image this time for some reason so here is a link)

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    Back to your favourite subject matter again I see
    I like the colour palette, has a suitably “autumnal” feel for this time of the year
    I only wonder though about how far you have let the background merge into the hair at the parting?
    Coming all the way down to her hair line as it dose, has for me, the effect of separating her hair too much into two separate unconnected masses.
    But other than that I think this is another cracking painting from you
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    Hi Mark, thanks! Yes you know me.

    The part of the background coming down is supposed to actually be foreground foliage. There's some in the bottom corners as well. I maybe underdid it a bit so it's not obvious. I also didn't blur those parts because I wanted it to have those edges. In the reference she is kind of peeping out from behind that stuff, it's possible I just didn't sell it hard enough. I'm really happy with the coloring though, I struggled to find what I wanted to do with this one.

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    That's nice

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