✨ 🎨 🏵 google drive link 🏵 🎨 ✨ - artrage 6 and above -

as weíre starting the weekend, Iím sharing a little brush set, sampled from real media, which has served me very well ever since Iíve had an opportunity to spend more time with artrage over this year.

thereís no depth added for any of those - I prefer the impasto look of the oil brushes, and I'm not really well versed in the depth property set-up for the custom brush - but theyíre fast, and they work very well on top of oil brush or palette knife colour block-out.
I prefer painting with those on a separate layer over an underpainting, sampling colours from below.

they simulate a matte paint medium that is closer to tempera, or gouache, than actual acrylic paints - but if you use layer blending modes such as multiply and overlay, you can fake the acrylic translucency to a degree.
they wonít work for pour-over abstract acrylic painting style, which is best achieved by combining palette knife strokes over scanned stencils and some other tools, but they still perform very well for any traditional brushwork purposes.
I use them mostly for background detailing.

if you are planning on modifying those for your personal use, you can grab the following brush thumbnails for easy navigation when saving your own presets:

with some nice canvas texture, those brushes are a neat little addition to any digital workflow.

happy painting! ✨🎨🌼🌻🌸🌷🖼