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Thread: Custom brush set eraser mode. Bug or user error?

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    Custom brush set eraser mode. Bug or user error?

    Hi. I want to make an action to toggle the eraser mode on/off for the custom brush. This is the whole script...
        // === Author data
        Author Name: ""
        Script Name: "Test Lab"
        Comment: ""
        Script Type: ""
        Script Feature Flags: 0x000000000
    // I got this command from recording a script
    EvType: Command	CommandID: SetToolProperty	ParamType: ToolProp	Value: { 0x0B2D0609D (Eraser Mode), 1 }
    When I run the action, I see the eraser mode switch on briefly but then it immediately turns off again. Am I doing something wrong or is it a bug?

    edit: Using Vitae
    edit again: I know that this code just turns it on, not off. One step at a time.
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