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Thread: Unable to obtain Artrage Lite from Wacom

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    Unhappy Unable to obtain Artrage Lite from Wacom

    I have a Wacom Intuos Draw tablet which came bundled with Artrage Lite and I remember redeeming it way back in 2017.

    I've logged into my wacom account todayy to find that the option to download Artrage Lite along with the serial key gone.

    Is anyoone here facing the same issue?

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    I'm afraid wacom have cut down on their software partnerships, because other bundled apps went from permanent to temporary licenses, and some aren't offered at all anymore.

    my advice for you would be to contact artrage support directly here, or e-mail wacom sales office in your region, but if AR Lite used to available from your wacom profile directly and vanished, you'll likely have to purchase a new license now to continue using the app.

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    You can check if the account is activated or not. Hope it can help you

  4. As far as I know, Wacom has discontinued the practice of bundling ArtRage Lite with their tablets. This means that if you purchased a Wacom tablet in the past few years, you may not have received a serial number for ArtRage Lite. You can also purchase a copy of ArtRage Studio. This is the full version of ArtRage, and it includes all of the features of ArtRage Lite plus many more.

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    I think the above poster means ArtRage Vitae the Studio version is obsolete. If you click on "ArtRage" in the menu at the top of this page you will find up-to-date information on the ArtRage versions available. You have just missed a half-price sale - these sales usually coincide with US holiday times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enug View Post
    I think the above poster means ArtRage Vitae the Studio version is obsolete.
    most of their comments read like they're AI generated to vaguely match the conversation, no wonder they refer to AR Studio - that version was a quite big, successful release back in the day, and whatever AI software is generating those comments probably pulled the name out of its search results.

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