To set the DPI to 300 DPI in ArtRage Vitae for iPad, follow these steps:

  1. Open ArtRage Vitae on your iPad Pro.
  2. Start a new document by tapping on "New" or "Create New Document" option, depending on the interface.
  3. Once you've selected the canvas size or template, look for an option similar to "Settings," "Document Settings," or "Advanced Options." It might be represented by a gear icon or located in the menu bar.
  4. In the settings or advanced options menu, there should be an option to adjust the DPI (dots per inch) or resolution. Tap on it.
  5. Adjust the DPI value to 300 DPI. You may need to type in the value manually or use a slider depending on the interface.
  6. After setting the DPI, confirm or save the changes. Your new document will now have a resolution of 300 DPI.