Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been incorporated into programs that can generate digital painting style artwork that takes only minutes to create by inputting your data requirements for finished image. In my opinion there is a revolution in graphic arts developing as a result of the widespread use of this new type of tool for generating finished images.

This type of art is causing all kinds of criticism and complaints from digital painting artists that spend many hours creating images from scratch compared to the use of AI art generating programs that produce in minutes a painting that sometimes looks even better than a painting from scratch.
What are your thoughts on this type of artwork image creation?

Do you think the program Art Rage might consider including some type of AI generating capabilities in it's future releases, if any are going to come about?

Do you believe that AI may set a pace for the demise of traditional digital painting using a computer and traditional painting?

Is there a possibility that AI may create all kinds of new opportunities?

Theoretically does AI generated art infringe on copyrights if used without agreement?