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Thread: Learn How to Draw Mew from Pokemon with this Step-by-Step Guide

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    Learn How to Draw Mew from Pokemon with this Step-by-Step Guide

    Mew is a cute and legendary Pokemon that many fans love. If you're a fan of this iconic creature and would like to learn how to draw it, you've come to the right place! In this step-by-step guide, we'll show you how to draw Mew from scratch.

    Step 1: Start by drawing Mew's head. Draw a circle with two triangular ears at the top.

    Step 2: Draw Mew's body. Add a pear-shaped body below the head.

    Step 3: Draw Mew's arms and legs. Add two short arms with three fingers each, and two short legs with three toes each.

    Step 4: Draw Mew's eyes and mouth. Add two large, round eyes and a small, smiling mouth.

    Step 5: Add Mew's tail. Draw a long, curved tail with a point at the end.

    Step 6: Finalize your drawing by adding Mew's characteristic features. Add small, circular blush marks on each cheek, a crescent-shaped mark on its forehead, and two large, oval-shaped marks on its body.

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    Hey, this guide is actually good. I draw a Pokemon better than I usually draw.

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