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Thread: Response From Ambient

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    Response From Ambient

    Just thought I would repost the response from Ambient, in regards to a generalized message, I sent. It was relevant to the thread questioning whether or not Ambient was still paying any mind to ArtRage users/buyers. This is just in case anyone hadn't revisited the thread in quite sometime & may not be aware of someone contacting Ambient. This was their response --

    "Hi there,

    We’re continuing to support and develop ArtRage. We’re not a very communicative bunch, but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten our users.

    There’s an upcoming patch release for the mobile edition shortly, and other updates are in the works for the desktop editions of ArtRage."

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    Also, Andy is quick in responding to support requests. I emailed him directly with a problem that was solved in the return email.
    A very satisfied customer!

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    Response From Ambient

    Andy is quick in responding to support requests
    Sure, I confirm the same sentiment

    I also received a quick response to my ticket by Andy
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