Hello, I wanted to pull into my ARV brushes, like into the instruction described from Photoshop. But I have not installed Photoshop and do not want to buy it. I found some samples to download into Pinterest.
But I cannot load the tool-box which is into the menue in black and should be available to pull into my paintings. That means: I cannot get the downloaded brushes zu pull into a tool-box. If I klick "Werkzeugkiste" the German word for "toolbox" appear only my documents, where I do not have an ARV toolbox of course.
How can I activate the "toolbox" or in German "Werkzeugkiste" Werkzeugkasten?
And then try to download brushes out of my files? Like I can do and then use with color-pallets from Pinterest?

2.nd: After I have many interesting pallets found into Pinterest which I can download into my files and if I need them, into the colortools and into the wheel. (That works, but not quite sufficiant)
To get the chosen colors is no problem, but the pallets do not have the format of the wheels, I should be able and learn, how to keep that into the order of colorwheels.
Like I have downloaded any of a user (from whom I do not remember the name or found again to say "'thank you')
My question: How and where do I geht the kind of wheels for colors to make from square-palets or other forms really beautiful wheel-pallets? Which I could offer here for other user like the user who did it already?
Because I can use pallets, but often not fully, they are often too numerous so I can only use a part of it.
OK, that could be some work. But I do not have to do it all at once, do I?
Yours LaFemmeDuLac