I've just recently upgraded from AR 6 to Vitae and have a weird problem with the colour wheel.

I use AR in Docking Mode ( Lights Out also ). In my Docking Tray, among other things, I've got the Colour Wheel ( aka Tint / Tone picker ). As I upgraded to Vitae, the Colour Wheel started - from time to time - to show up as a square:
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In such a situation, there seems no way to make it look right again ( the way it is now it's quite awkward to use ) - the only thing I can do is to remove it from the Docking Tray, by clicking "Color Wheel" in the Tools menu. If I click "Color Wheel" again, it is back enabled as a standalone panel - and then it looks as it's supposed to be. But if I dock it again in the side panel, it gets back to square again.
Also, when I click the Tear Off icon to undock the Color Panel - when it's in Tint / Tone mode ( and looking as a square, as I've said previously ) - AR unexpectedly quits. NOTE: this doesn't happen if the Color Panel is in another mode ( like LS/H or others ).

This weird behaviour does not happen every time - sometimes I restart AR and everything works fine. I don't know what could possibly cause it - or make it go away. Sometimes it persists despite restarting AR, or even restarting the whole computer. One thing I can tell for sure so far - every time it happens ( and the Color Wheel is replaced by this square ), undocking the Panel as it is in Tint / Tone mode will crash AR.
The crazy thing is that I went through this more than ten times in a row ( open AR - Panel looks as a square - undock it - crash ), and then, without any apparent reason, the Colour Wheel showed correctly and the crashing upon undocking stopped.

I still wanted to report it as this has happened to me already several times since I upgraded.
Maybe someone's had the same experience - and maybe there's a logical solution ( not "keep restarting over and over again until it starts working properly" )?

Thanks in advance for any help,

MacBook Pro - M1 chip
MacOS Monterey 12.3.1
AR Vitae 7.1.4 - Mac