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Thread: Arif Patel Preston Dubai | Which Paper I Use In Oil Painting.

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    Post Arif Patel Preston Dubai | Which Paper I Use In Oil Painting.

    Arif Patel Preston Dubai| Hello Guys I'm Create Some Oil Painting, I Don't Know Which Type Of Paper I Should Use In Oil Painting, Please Suggest Me Which Paper Is Best.....

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    Hello arifpatelprestondubaiuk and welcome to the ArtRage forums
    Well, you can of course use whatever canvas texture works for you but I suppose for a “traditional” look a good starting point would be one of the textures found under the ‘Canvas’ Presets in the 'Canvas Settings' Panel.
    On the occasions that I do use Oils, my personal favourite is the 'Essential Canvas' preset that comes with AR, although I do tweak the Grain and Roughness settings to suit the size of canvas I’m working with.
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