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Thread: I am quite new to art rage anyone know any decent oil painting tutorials for it?

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    I am quite new to art rage anyone know any decent oil painting tutorials for it?

    I am quite new to art rage anyone know any decent oil painting tutorials for it? I have a digital drawing tablet, and wanted to do detailed oil paintings, but I was looking for tutorials that specifically use Art rage 6 or vitae as the software in them.

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    Hello jamiecropley and welcome to the ArtRage forums
    Well, digital artist and teacher Daniel Ibanez, who comes from a background of traditional oil painting, has done a lot of tutorials with ArtRage which I think are worth watching.
    Even if his style is not your style there is still much to learn from them about using AR.
    He has a series of videos aimed at beginner ArtRage users here:
    And some AR 6 specific ones here:
    And some AR 5 ones here:
    And once you have got through all those then the actually rest of his YouTube content is also worth watching!
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    it's a relatively straightforward app for oil painting.
    if you have painted with real media in the past, just picking up the oil tool should be a good start, if you need to get some inspiration for the actual workflow, I suggest skillshare or youtube for oil or acrylic tutorials.

    you should be able to get started with simpler tutorials like this one and adapt your artrage workflow with the technique:

    try the palette knife tool in artrage - when used with an oil tool, it offers a very realistic replacement of the real thing:

    oil brushes in artrage are improved exponentially over time, but I don't think there was major change between artrage 2, 3, 4, and the current version that would render old tutorials worthless...

    you can download little basic things like color sets and paper textures to make painting easier from the art supplies subforum.

    if you have a specific oil style in mind, sharing a reference here would help others to suggest how to achieve the look digitally.

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