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Thread: Jozef Behr : How can i create this Image

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    Jozef Behr : How can i create this Image

    I want to create this type of image please let me know how can i do it .

    Name:  jozef behr -pixel art.png
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    Canvas: Something smooth and flat probably.
    Tools: Iím thinking Selection tool & Fill tool could be used a lot. Set the selection tool to Freehand or Polygon and just draw with it and then fill in those areas with the Fill tool.
    You could also use any brush tool that will give a smooth flat finish with hard edges.
    Layers: Lots of these! Overlapping each other to build up a sense of depth. (and make sure that they are also using the same smooth texture as the canvas. Iíve been caught out before with individual layers not using the same texture!)
    Prep: As with any painting sketch out your ideas first and do practice/sample thumbnails to see what works and what doesnít, which will also help to develop a practical workflow.

    The above is just my initial thoughts on how I would tackle this, which I hope are helpful, but at the end of the day the right way is going to be the one that works for you!
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