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    I just received a newsletter of my online-shop where I bought all my artist-materials with the request to answer a survey about all I bought, what are my art-work in common, what I prefer. How much time I do art-work, do I earn money (no) with it, from what I search and get my inspirations etc. I bought all on - I hope I am allowed to mention the name: Gerstäcker, Germany. Otherwise, I will delete it. This is my supplier for art-materials, has always been.
    Astonishing was, that they mentioned a lot more ARV then other art-forums, one time procreate only.
    I already searched whether they have additional packages for any digital art. But they do not yet offer that: Pens, fitting additional tools, colours, samples, pattern, videos, tuturials. Nor do they offer digital-art programs themselves.
    G. is a huge house for everything you need for artists of every speciality, every kind of artists, professional, non professional, schools, Kindergarten, therapy They sell and sold mostly now via internet and by sending a brick-stone of catalogues for customers.
    It might be, because I mentioned ARV several times when they asked which kind of art I am just practising.

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    Hi AlyviaGentry, yes I ment Gerstäcker. And I use to receive each week a newsletter with remarkable offers.
    I do not know, were you live. But the catalogue is so heavy, otherwise I would send it to you if you live in the EU.
    That is affordable for me but in other countries it would be too expensive.
    Why don't you ask them for an actual catalogue? For sure you can do that in English. I you are not registered into the homepage you will not get many newsletter. But you can do that. If you never bought something from them, you have to pay a low fee for getting the catalogue. As far as I know, you can pay via PayPal. If you have one catalogue you can always use the same numbers to order over many years. But the homepage is also fine to rummage. Into the catalogue the many art-pictures, examples and description are wonderful to view and read- mouth-watering so to say, also for cutting out to make collages with children or yourself. Also if you never will buy something from them.
    It is a worthy and impressing book
    I receive almost every year that heavy brick stone of catalogue an pity if I put the old into the waste-paper.
    And yes, I take often nat not each time into the newsletters, I will have an eye on the new part of art work and inform you an the community here in case they will start with our kind of art work.
    Have a good time.

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