Hello, please knows somebody how and where I can find pure black, e.g. ivory black, paynesgrey, neutral ink, grey shades and white. Of. course, white is to reach by erasing. Gey shades by mixing or thin layers of black. And black until certain grades by mixing.
Pure black is only necessary for e. g. outlining, it usually has to be mixed up each shade for which effect it is needed.
Sure at least I figure it out, put it into the color-sampler. But it is not really satisfying for my opinion.
Also I find it difficult to mix the very important color of ochre, especially gold-ochre. ( not with metallic effect, in no case)
Has somebody kinds of formulae for me?
Or can I buy additional color wheels and more tools, brushes like fine sword-tracer. sword-brushes, cat-tongues?
By the way, I use all possible tools, now matter which colour type my picture is claimed to be. Mostly I would declare it as mixed technique
The most impotant is the result. Thanks for every useful tip. LaFemmeDuLac