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    "Not for adults"

    Hello! This might be a delicate item.
    I am a German. At the beginning here I read the rules with very few restriction.
    But one item is not clear difined for a German:-): "no artwork for adults".
    I have a faint clue what that could mean. I do not want to make mistakes, or insult someone.
    But whom could I ask and show an artwork/picture before editing which could step over the line. -
    I produced maybe less than 5, though...
    Where is here the frontline between decent erotic and already porn? Which is ment with "for adults" I assume.
    We Germans are even not prudish concerning this. An I myself joined two nude drawing courses here in our art-school for non professionel artits and real artits, foundet by J.W von Goethe. We, adults of the course where women and men of all ages, students from the Bauhaus-University. And we did exercises with lively nude models, old and young women and men, pregnants - of course NO KIDS. Nobody seemed to have anyhow "wrong" intentions. Nor was upset or insulted. Of course not, because this people would not have joined this.
    This courses are very rare and therefore popular. Because lively models for nude drawing and painting are very expensive. It is a real hard work for about 90 minutes.
    Additional I may say: It is much more difficult to draw an old human individuum than a young one. And nude drawing courses are exhausting, in one session of 90 minutes to produce until 10 sketches. There is no space into the brain for considering of decency, aesthetic or so, out of that the critics at the end. Everybodies sketches had to be watched by all and the leader and was judged, criticised or rarely seldom praised.
    Hope I was not too much "for adults".

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    Hi LaFemmeDuLac
    Well, we do have an area just for paintings that may be unsuitable for non adults called “After 9 O’clock”. This area can only be seen by logedin members of the forums, not casual visitors.
    Now, that doesn’t mean that absolutely anything can be posted there but it would be a suitable place for the types of work you describe and what we in English would call ‘Life Drawing’, or nude studies.
    In truth it’s an area of the forums that sadly is not much frequented these days (and I confess I have only ever posted one thread there myself! Moonlight) but it would be good to see more happening in that area of the forums again.
    So maybe start a new thread there for your Life Drawings.

    And yes sadly hiring life models for drawing is expensive, I think everything is these days unfortunately!
    But I would encourage any digital artist, or would be digital artist, to get away from the computer and do some life drawing with a real live model if they can.
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    Hi Marcw, thanks for your detailed information. I have now seen all pictures "After 9 O'clock", attentively. Oh yes, in common nude women, young and beautiful. Only some are different. Which I like very much. But I did not mean to edit pictures like this. The reason to ask was, that the man who painted fairies, edited into the normal gallery which I found decent and a bit also a dream of him. A user asked in a reply: Why have your fairy all an erotic style/expression - somehow like this. And thought, oh well, my profile-self-portrait might already look like this. Though it is not of a young woman. I painted it after I wanted to paint the monk and his falcon, which was my inspiration. But then I thought: I want to be the person to fly a falcon, be a falcon in my dreams. Out of this this picture can be seen everywhere into the internet.
    But I have always to wear glasses, I have a severe wet- macula-degeneration my right eye und without my glasses I have difficulties to see exact and clear. So it occurred that my self-portrait is anticipating my age now, I assume I painted it 4 or 5 years ago. I did not paint some years now, because of this, I cannot paint without good natural light in the morning.
    And anyhow that did not work.
    >But by the way: I can do art-work here all time, there is no limit of light or distortion of colours because the screen is always light<.
    But why not do more harmless pictures into after 9 O'clock into I pondered?
    The advantage is I can take my picture which I have now in mind and can correct them, can change some details, can improve them.
    I am discovering increasingly the possibilities I have here with all I painted: New arrangements, collages, correct failures, add some funny or surrealistic details, colour sketches, every time I have time for it.
    But the most I need: Time. As you wrote: Also in digital Art we need the same time to create like in analog creations.
    Have a suitable time, stay confident this times.

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