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Thread: First trial

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    First trial

    My first trial with ArtRage is done. I am so far satisfied. I just tried a lot of possibilities, failed and at least I decided: I's enough for my first digital artwork. Of course I could work and correct a lot more, I am discovering failures. So what? My joy is painting. But I am not keen to show them in exhibitions nor do I want to become a famous painter. I do not want to place our home only with my own produced picture. I want to express what I see, feel, what impresses me. It might be shocking, surreal, kitch, self-portraits. The most exicting for me is: What do other people see in it. It's often surprising of details I did not intent to express The first step is done. But now I have to find out where with which format I can show them - also for critic.
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    It's time to move forward, we're curious :legal:
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