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Thread: Help Stylus problems

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    Unhappy Help Stylus problems

    My stylus was working just fine with Artrage 5, but now all it will do is erase, even though it looks like it is in airbrush or pen mode. It is still working for other things in the app, just nothing drawing related. I have unpaired and repaired, added new battery closed out the program and reopened. Nothing works. I have never encountered this before. Please Help!

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    Hello Shan and welcome to the ArtRage forums
    Which OS are you on? And which make of tablet and pen are you using?

    But one thing that dose spring to mind first is that you may have an active Selection somewhere on the canvas. That will prevent you painting anywhere outside of the selected area. Even if that area is just a dot!
    Switch to the Selection tool and in it’s Settings panel click on the ‘Clear Selection’ button.
    Can you now paint?

    Another possibility if this is only happening on a specific layer;
    The layer has Transparency Locked. This would mean that you can only paint on areas that already contain Paint.
    The layer has Paint Locked. This would mean that you can only paint on those areas that are blank and do not contain any paint.
    Right clicking or clicking on the lock icon of any given layer in the Layers panel will allow you to change these settings for an individual layer.
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