Hello all,

I am a long time user of Artrage on Windows platform since its version 2 to the current Artrage Vitae, desktop / laptop.
Till now all my displays had 1920x1080 resolution screens, whether it was desktop monitor or a laptop screen. I had been using a Wacom 8x6 tablet and last year purchased a XP Deco V1 tablet, and now using the same. Never had any problems with both. Was able to paint naturally & nicely.

Recently my son gave me his Macbook Pro 15 (Mid 2015 model) reset and reinstalled with Mac OS Monterey. Working fine with all applications I purchased for this.
I purchased Artrage Vitae and installed. Also properly installed the XP Deco V1 driver. Artrage Vitae & the pen are working fine.

But I have a real problem here. All my previous displays were FHD only with 1920x1080 pixels. This Macbook Pro 15 has a resolution of 2880x1800 pixels.
This is very badly affecting the relative pen movement I do and distance of stroke / movement of pen which I get on the screen.

I know it is not an actual problem. I am answering my own question ! It is a problem related to how I got used with the 1980x1080 pixels screen and now re-learn the process of getting used to the higher pixels of 2880x1800. But still I am asking a question. Is there any setting that I could change in Artrage or with XP Deco V1 tablet, or in Mac OS to get the the way the stroke length reproduced in the same manner as with my lower resolution screen.

I tried lowering the display appearance on my Macbook Pro to the lowest resolution it allowed. But the drawing space area became very very small. Unworkable.
If there is no way to sort out this, well, I am in bad luck. Learn the hard way. Re-train my hand movement to suit this display. But let me tell you, I never expected this!
Just in case someone in this August Forum had sorted out this problem, please help me.

Thanking you in advance.