I have just started using Artrage, so maybe this is a really dumb question. Is it possible to change the starting head orientation in a custom brush? I want to use the preloaded custom brush "square canvas 4" but the grain is set at an odd angle (do people stretch canvases with the grain on the diagonal?). I would like the grain to run horizontally on this brush, rather than diagonally. I suppose I could create a custom brush from scratch, changing the brush head or something. (I haven't played with this in Artrage, but I assume this can be done for totally custom brushes.) Ideally, though I could change this on the fly with a different starting rotation, as you can do with some of the palette knives. I cannot figure out how to do this with things other than the palette knife, though. Is there a way to get into this setting for custom brushes?

(Note, that this is a bit different from the other recent thread on head rotation, because that person wanted dynamic head rotation as they painted. I just want to be able to change the starting angle.)

Thanks for reading (and I apologize, again, if this is obvious...)