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Thread: ArtRage 6 and ArtRage Vitae

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    ArtRage 6 and ArtRage Vitae

    As someone that has only bought ArtRage 4 and kind of been sticking to that for when I draw on and off, I was wondering what people think of 6 and Vitae as well as experiences with either of the two. And seeing as how Vitae is on sale right now would it be worth getting even if I don't art much as I like to. ^^;

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    Hello and welcome t the ArtRage forums
    Well, where to start, so much has been added to AR since AR4!
    If you click on the ‘Compare Older ArtRage Versions to Viae’ tab on the following webpage, it lists what has been added to AR with each successive release since AR3:

    But I think only you can really say what new features, if any, that have been added over the years to AR would be important to you.
    I think an argument could be made that if you are only an occasional user of AR then upgrading to ARV when there is a sale on is probably the best time to justify the cost to yourself.
    But again this cost/benefit equation is something only you can really decide.

    Some things to note:
    ARV is the latest version of AR and the one that will, I belive, be developed going forward and is only available to purchase through the Microsoft or Apple Stores.
    I think AR6 is technically now a legacy product and I do not believe it is currently being actively developed further in terms of adding new features to it.
    But it is still being maintained for OS compatibility and I believe is being offered as a direct purchase & download option from Ambient Design mostly for those wishing to upgrade from older versions of AR but who do not, for whatever their reasons, wish to use either the Microsoft or Apple Stores.
    Hence it’s lower price compared to ARV’s standard store price.
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    since you can take advantage of the discounted pricing at the moment, I would go with artrage vitae, there're no downsides to that release if you've already used artrage and are looking to upgrade.

    the majority of complaints about that version are from people who dislike legacy OS software stores, which doesn't seem to an issue for you.

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