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Thread: Tablet question

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    Tablet question

    Hi I have been using ArtRage Vitae on my iPad pro. I would like to purchase and use it on my my macbook pro. Two questions:
    1. Do you recommend ArtRage Vitae for the laptop or ArtRage 6?
    2. Can I use my iPad Pro as my tablet?
    Thanks for your help

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    To your question 1, I would answer yes, absolutely get ArtRage Vitae for itís improvements over AR6.
    More importantly AR6 is not actively being developed further, just maintained for operating system compatibility.
    So any future ArtRage developments will all be happening to ARV.
    And now is a good time to buy ARV as it is currently on sale until 31st August with 40% off!

    With regards to your other question, I donít have an iPad so canít say how well they would work together.
    But in theory you should be able to use Sidecar (if your Mac and iPad are sufficiently up to date) to drag ARVís window from your Mac into the iPad.
    The following two links I hope will give you further info about the requirements and the steps of how to use an iPad as a second monitor:

    As far as I understand it, once you have an app showing on the iPad screen via Sidecar you will need to use an iPad pen to interact with the appís controls, as they generally wonít respond to finger touches.

    As I say, I have no direct knowledge about using Sidecar, so donít just take my word for any of this!
    If anyone here dose have first hand knowledge and is using this setup with ARV, now would be a good time for them to but-in I thinkÖ!
    You could also try contacting Ambient Design directly and asking them: [email protected]
    If you do go down the Sidecar route and get it working, or not, do post back with what happened. Iím sure it will be useful info for other users.
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