Hi, my friends,

This is a color by number illustration I downloaded from Pinterest a few days ago. The illustrator is unknown and it was free.

The first thing I did after I had saved the image to pictures was to load it into ArtRage Vitae and trace the image in its own layer. I love to trace!

Then I go to my sample image button and retrieve the image as my model in pictures again. Then to the color sampler tool (the eyedropper) and load the color key in color samples and name them by number.

Now in layers I should make 3 to 4 layers -- starting from the bottom the original illustration converted to paint. layer 2 the shape colors, 3, that line and detail colors. One does not have to trace the image all at one time or all in black like this one. You can add them as you go and switch between layers 2 and 3 as needed.

There can be a background layer but not in this one. I name my layers when I set up -- select the layer--in the layer's dialogue box choose set name of layer(it can be a number) select OK.

You are now ready to color in whatever medium you choose--I use the oil paint tool.

Have fun!


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