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Thread: Bob Ross S1E1

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    Bob Ross S1E1

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    Hello all,
    I purchased ArtRage Vitae a few days ago after buying a drawing pen. I used the demo version of ArtRage and rather enjoyed the ease and realistic behavior of the digital paint.
    My children attend an art school, so parents had chances to learn to paint. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Like so many others, I also enjoy watching Bob Ross. His paintings are so lovely, but his voice is calm and soothing. I wanted to do one of his paintings, but I didn't want to do an actual oil painting. I am new to painting, and I am very new to drawing.
    I came across YouTube videos and ArtRage forums about Bob Ross's techniques. The forums helped me a ton! At first, I tried to use the oil brush to mimic Bob Ross' style, but I struggled too much and was too frustrated. I decided to start over using the other tools to recreate his painting style. The attached picture is my version of S1E1. I got most of it right, except the bottom land. Bob Ross uses the palette knife and gently creates rocks or something like that. I tried every tool but couldn't figure out how to do it. I may have to find a similar stamp, but I didn't want to use a quick method too much. I'd love to hear if anyone has an idea for how to recreate the rock things from this episode.
    Here are the tools and methods I used compared to Bob Ross' methods:
    1. Oil brush, large size, high pressure, 70 percent loading for 2-inch or 1-inch brush.
    2. For softening, I use the blur palette knife at 35 percent pressure and 57 percent softness. This also is useful for removing lines from the oil brush if doing wet-on-wet or layers.
    3. The airbrush worked great for quicker, soft skies. Bob Ross used the oil brush to blur it out, but the oil brush in ArtRage made the wet-on-wet technique turn the blue color into green.
    4. For Bob Ross' use of the edge of a palette knife to make straight, thin lines, I used the felt pen. The palette knife tool rotated too much with my drawing pen, and I was too frustrated to use the mouse.
    5. The foliage (leaves and grass and happy little bushes) was done using the spongy brushes sticker spray found at the ArtRage forum (couldn't post URLs due to being a new poster). This sticker tool mimics Bob Ross' tapping the canvas.
    6. For the colors, I used a few pictures from the ArtRage forum and Google Images (mostly Google Images). I placed these directly on the canvas as a layer -- using it as a reference was too annoying.
    7. For mixing colors, I used the color picker to pick the color from the above palettes (I tended to use the darkest upper corner of the color), used the paint tube tool to put a blob of paint, repeated for the second color, and used the oil brush to mix the blobs directly on the canvas. Once mixed, I used the color picker to choose the new color and erased the mixed paint.
    8. As much as I tried, ArtRage is not designed for multiple colors on oil brushes like Bob Ross. Bob Ross tends to mix paint incomplete to make a marbling effect on the brush, such as green and blue, to make a mixture-colored sky. While you can do wet-on-wet to a degree, the two colors do not stay on the brush permanently and barely continue to paint with them. It was easier to do airbrush or felt pen and then use the blur tool to have multiple colors.
    9. The water was done using the oil brush like Bob Ross described; however, I also made sure to have some of the white painted background showing on the top to have a reflection, and then I used the blur tool to soften the water (not a non-loaded oil brush).
    10. Layers! I can't stress enough how vital using layers is for this work. Bob Ross uses layers, but the brush's degree of wetness and pressure makes the layers look good. In ArtRage, one layer is a bad idea because of color blending. Have another layer so the bottom layers are not blurred or messed up.

    Whew. It took about 6 hours to figure out how to do this, but now I can probably re-do this painting in about 10 minutes now that I have the right tools and colors.
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    Hello ukyo895, as you have found, it's not easy to emulate Bob Ross's style with digital software. As you become more familiar with AR and what it can do you will develop your own way to paint mountains, water, etc. And don't forget you can make use of different canvases and grains to enhance your paintings. You can also import textures into your painting. A lot of useful tutorials can be found here.

    Also, thank you for sharing your toolbox but it will not work unless you provide the presets as well. (The item you are attempting to activate cannot be found in your collection.)

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    Thank you for your reply. I was not aware toolboxes can't be shared without presets. I went ahead and just removed it from my post. There ideas of grains was a good idea. I will check it the textures and tutorials. Thanks.

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