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Thread: Painting in a view does not work

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    Painting in a view does not work

    ArtRage 6, win 10, Wacom Intuos 3
    I open a mew painting and and view
    Making marks with my mouse appear correctly in both painting and view when made with my mouse in either painting or view
    But when using my Wacom pen,
    (a) Making marks in the painting with my Wacom pen appear correctly in the view.
    (b) When making marks in view, the brush size becomes smaller, and the resulting incorrect mark appears in the painting

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    Hi there. I'm sorry that I can't help you with your problem but can I ask why do you need to draw on the new view? I use it only if I have part of my canvas zoomed in so that I can see detail when working - the view is used so that I can view the effect without zooming out again on the canvas. Perhaps I am missing something as I didn't even know you could draw on the new view.

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    Hi mjerryfuerst,
    I can’t reproduce your problem here on my Mac in any version of ArtRage
    I did wonder if there was a chance that having some form of screen scaling enabled could cause it but even when trying that I still could not get it to happen for me.
    But, that it is only happening with the Wacom pen also suggests that it may be driver related?
    Was it working correctly before and has only just started doing this?
    Dose restarting your system clear the problem?
    Did it start after installing any OS or Wacom updates?

    I sometimes work in the View window this way too, but to be honest very rarely.
    The downsides for me are:
    The cursor only appears as a crosshair giving no visual clue as to brush size. Nor can I you use Shift+Click+Drag (Left/Right) with the pen on the canvas to quickly resize a tool when painting inside the View window.
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    This was the first time I tired to paint in the view

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