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Thread: Having a left handed option for the UI

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    maybe i didn't find the option yet but is there a possible way to reverse the UI (tools and colors) to make it left-handed friendly? It would help and be more confortable to be able to select tools with the right hand and pic colors with the pen in my left hand.

    Thanks for your feedback!

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    Hello GrukVangus and welcome to the ArtRage forums
    Yes, you can customise most of the UI layout to taste when using ARV in Docking Mode.
    In Docking Mode all Panels can be Docked to the Left, Right or both sides of the screen.
    Once Docked they can be arranged vertically in whatever order you want them.
    You can also “float” Panels anywhere on screen too.

    In Classic mode your options are mostly limited to “floating” a Pod’s open Panel anywhere convenient on the screen as you work.
    After closing the following Panels; Stickers, Stencils, Presets, Layers, Tracing, Refs and Samples, they will return to their default fixed positions on screen as Pods.
    The Tool Picker and Colour Picker Panels found in the bottom corners of the UI behave slightly differently;
    A right click in the bottom corner of either of these Panels while they are fully expanded will bring up a sub-menu where you can choose ‘Tear Off Edge’, which will again allow you to float them anywhere on screen as you work. A second right click in the corner of the now floating panels will allow you to choose 'Stick To Default Edge' which will send them back to their allotted screen corner.

    In both Classic and Docking Mode, all panels will reopen in their last screen positions.
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