Hi, new to Artrage Vitae. Currently, using on mobile and testing desktop. Tablet: Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus. I'm loving the app so far. There is one thing that is a quite bothersome though. I am hoping the issue can be fixed at some point.

If you color pick with a long press using your finger, the long press of the color select is equally enabled for the stylus pen. I find that when I am drawing or painting, I am constantly long pressing with the stylus and end up inadvertently color picking. After a while, it's very frustrating. There is the option of disabling the long press, but it's such a useful feature, and it hinders my workflow to have to use the color select tool instead of the long press.

Is it possible to consider adding an option to enable long press with the finger and disabling for the stylus, possibly another checkbox in settings for users to decide if they want both or one over the other? In general, I find the color pick a bit quirky. Sometimes I will long press with my finger, and then, even though the oil brush is selected, I end up painting with the color picker.

Aside from these issues, I am happy with the app. There is some lag, but it's not that bad. I hope the app gets the support it needs and continues to improve over time. I can see this being one of my go-to painting apps on my tablet.