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Thread: ArtRage Vitae - Save causes Error and crash - repeatable

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    ArtRage Vitae - Save causes Error and crash - repeatable

    I am using a version purchased from the Mac app store.

    ArtRage Vitae 7.1.4
    Mac 12.4 Monterey

    When saving any file AFTER the first initial version, I get this error message -
    "Error. Bad parameter has been passed. ArtRage encountered an error trying to save the requested file. You may need to restart the application."

    Example -
    Create doc. Name it - Painting1.ptg
    Change the doc. (apply brush stroke, change layer opacity, new layer, etc.)
    Save changed doc. Painting1.ptg

    Strangely, I can successfully save the file if I rename the file. This is unmanageable as I could potentially have a folder full of MANY, MANY iterative saves.

    After many restarts, the error remains unresolved. I cannot save a file to itself.
    Auto Save does not function.
    I have deleted the app and downloaded it fresh from the Mac app store. No change.
    I have also deleted the preferences in Library/Application Support

    What can be done?

    Below is an image of the error message.
    The file was the default ArtRage doc saved once with one attempt to save three or four example brush strokes.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Iím still on Catalina, on an Intel Mac, (which might be why I'm not seeing this) but also I haven't seen it reported elsewhere here on the forums before, so it might be something specific about your systemÖ?

    The slightly good news though is, that if it is crashing, it will be generating crash reports, which could go a long way to identifying the problem.
    I would suggest contacting Ambient Design directly about this issue and send them the relevant crash reports for them to look at.
    Crash reports can be found by going to; Applications > Utilities and open the Console app.
    Once open; in the left side bar of the Console window, click on Crash Reports. Now in the main body of the window you should see a list of all available crash reports.
    Right Click on a report and choose Reveal in Finder.
    In the window that opens highlight the relevant ArtRage Vite crash report/s and then use; cmd C to copy the files, and then paste the files into your email explaining the problem and send to; [email protected]

    If you need, you can read more about using the Console app here:

    Really hope they get you sorted and up and running again soon.
    Let us know how you get on.
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    Thank you for the response. I have contacted tech support and I'll update the thread accordingly.

    Interestingly, I have just found out that I can save without issue if I save in Artrage's default save location - the "Documents" folder.
    I never, ever save my media to my system drive but, I just tried it to see if perhaps it would work and it did. I had previously been using my external drive.

    I vaguely remember that Artrage 4 and 5 asked for permission to save in another location after the initial launch using the "Allow access to Files and Folders" Mac Security dialogue.
    Vitae never asked for permission.

    I have tried a fresh install but, I can't get Vitae to launch the Security dialogue.

    Maybe this is the issue?

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