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Thread: Random Freeze while using the program

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    Random Freeze while using the program

    Have anyone occurred the freeze problem while using the program? It almost everytime for me and cause my art file corrupted many times make me really frustrated and mad.

    -Which version of ArtRage you're using and whether you're using a demo . free version or the full version.
    Version 7.1.4 (Full version)

    - Device
    MSI AIO PC - Modern AM241P 11M

    -The operating system you're using e.g. OS X 10.6.3
    Window 11

    -A description of the problem in as much detail as possible including what you were doing at the time of the problem
    - It randomly freeze while using this app (download from Window store.) No have any clue when it will freeze. Some times just use for 5 mins or sometimes up to 2 hrs then freeze. I have to force restart my PC. Can't use even using Ctrl+Alt+Del button to open task manager.
    - It can be freeze by using only this app alone. But have very hi possible or almost every time while using Youtube (happened both Chrome and Edge).
    - It happened after I get new PC (MSI AIO PC - Modern AM241P 11M) The old PC that lower specs than current one I use but never happening the freeze problem
    And sometimes make my art file corrupt. almost of times turn my art file to blank paper like open new painting but the file size still big (Blank file is about 1 mbs but my corrupt file that turn to blank paper have the file size 4.5 mbs or depending the time I do the art that time.) (file attached)
    - I had use PC for playing game like Finfal Fantasy 14 , Game on Stream , Watching Youtube but never have any freeze problem but ArtRage almost everytime.
    - It happened this freeze problem since Nov 2021 til present day today.

    -If there is an error message, the exact text of that error message
    No because it freeze and screen was freeze.

    [B]- You can also contact us directly for support via our support page
    I had once send to the support many month ago but didn't have any reply back.
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