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Thread: Surface Pro Pen Problems

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    Surface Pro Pen Problems

    First off, I admit my stuff is old, I haven't used it in a long time but I just got the itch to get into it again. However the following problem I'm about to describe is one reason I stopped using it. First off, the specs

    Surface Pro 3 with W8
    Artrage 4.5.3

    My problem is a weird one apparently, I've not found anything about this problem on the net. The problem isn't the pen, it works just fine...until I've used Artrage for a few minutes then it won't draw. It will still adjust the tools but it won't make any marks on the "canvas". I have to close Artrage and reopen it to get use of the pen to make marks on the canvas again.

    Any ideas?

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    Welcome back David
    Well, like you, I donít think I have ever heard of this particular problem before either!
    Can we assume that you have all the relevant latest tablet and system drivers installed?
    Although AR4.5 is quite old now, if you try contacting Ambient Design directly about this problem, they may be able to suggest something to fix it.
    They can be contacted via the support page here:
    Or by email here: [email protected]
    Hope you can find both cause and a solution, good luck
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