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Thread: GAOMON PD1161 No Stylus Properties?

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    GAOMON PD1161 No Stylus Properties?


    Been trying the Art Rage Demo for a while to see if I want to use it for digital art. I was wondering if there is something I need to do to get the Stylus Properties to show up, right now using the GAOMON PD1161, which supposedly has tilt support which I have yet to see work, I don't get a "Set Stylus Properties" in the presets of any tool. I am trying to set pressure sensitivity to other things then the default.


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    Hello Muybonito523 and welcome to the ArtRage forums
    Not sure I can be much help here as I’m not familiar with your make of tablet.

    Within AR and ARV, in any tool’s Settings panel, clicking the Menu icon will give access to the Stylus Properties Panel and the Stylus Control Center Panel.
    The first allows for changes as to how some properties of a tool will react to pen inputs. For tools that have Tilt sensitivity it can be turned Off or Inverted from there.
    The second panel allows for different AR tools to be assigned to specific physical pens if you have and use more than one pen while working.

    There are no controls within ArtRage specifically allowing the user to control Tilt, Pen Pressure Sensitivity, etc… These settings typically need to be setup in the Tablets own preferences for how sensitive they should be. Some makes of Tablet allow for individual apps to have unique settings, other makes may only apply one setup globally to all apps.

    If you continue having problems getting you tablet to work with AR it may be worth contacting Ambient Design either via their support page here:
    Or email support: [email protected]
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