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Thread: Existing texture is not changing

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    Existing texture is not changing

    My experiments with custom brush... On the image below you can clearly see that texture track is not changing once it was laid down. Cyanish strokes was painted on top of the first surface of the paint by the same brush. The latest strokes can add new texture but is not changing existing texture and it's on the same layer. Obviously it's not a real wold behaviour so what defines that?
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    The lighter strokes look like they are on another layer?
    But assuming it is all on the same layer and all you did was change the colour of the paint, then it should have interacted with the first strokes laid down? There also doesn’t appear to be any obvious bleeding of the second colour into the first?
    Knowing what all the brush settings are though might help to understand what’s happening. Are you able to post the brush in question here?
    Swapping to other Custom Brushes, do they behave correctly?
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    markw, already fixed it, it was some combination of settings in the texture group.

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