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Thread: Can someone help me

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    Can someone help me

    Can someone tell me how to write a really good report?

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    Take a look at this web site:

    That's a pretty "down and dirty" overview. Other suggestions would include: stay on topic; don't talk down to your readers nor try to impress them with vocabulary; avoid cliches, worn phrases, and colloquialisms; spelling, grammar, and syntax are always important.

    Before you start writing the report, write an outline defining what your approach will be and how you will put the information together in such a way that it flows logically from Introduction, through the Main Body and then the Conclusion.

    Hope this helps. Good luck with the report.


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    what type of report are you writing?

    google ' sample report' and the type

    eg. engineering report sample

    there are quite a few out there,

    Roberts advice is good, there is a format to writing a report.

    try not to copy but use their examples to do your own.

    good luck
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