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Thread: Gui size

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    Gui size

    Hi I just got artrage vitae from the windows store to use on an 11 inch tablet laptop . I am finding that the gui interface doobies are a bit too small for my eyes and hands/pen and there is no way to resize them. Especially the colour sample boxes, I wish i could have bigger swatches.

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    Hello Angelica and welcome to the ArtRage forums
    Sadly from within ARV there are no options for changing the size of the different UI elements.
    A possible workaround, if your computerís preferences allow it, is you may be able to alter ARVís apparent UI size by changing your systemíe display resolution/scale, but as that would be at a system level itís also going to effect everything you see on screen not just ARVís UI.
    Even then I think the colour chips are still going to remain relatively small as seen within ARVís UI.
    Sorry I couldnít offer you a better solution
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