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Thread: Saving a UI Workspace Config

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    Saving a UI Workspace Config

    Hi guys - apologies for a noob question but Vitae is all new to me and I canít work out how to dock the menus/settings in the UI and save the configuration of them as a UI workspace I can recall each time I start the app up.

    Also - how is I arrange the menus neatly - they all appear in various sizes and I canít find any way to size them all consistently but have seen photos of other UIs displaying them as youíd want them

    Thank you

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    ARV has two UI modes; Classic or Docking: View > Interface Mode > Ö
    Panels can only be Docked when the app is in Docking Mode.
    In Docking Mode panels can be docked on the Left or Right sides of the screen.
    If no panels are already Docked, when you start to drag an open panel across the screen a Docking icon will appear on either side of the screen.
    Dragging & Dropping a panel onto this icon will dock it in the Docking Tray for that side of the screen.
    To add more panels to a Docking Tray just Drag & Drop the new ones to where you want them within the existing Docked panels.

    Generally ARV should always remember the last UI layout on startup.
    Whilst there is no built in UI layout backup functionality there is an unofficial workaround you can use to save a copy of the .prs fill that controls the UI.
    See the following thread for more about it:
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