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Thread: orientation of ref and trace images

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    orientation of ref and trace images


    I can load images into ref and trace but I can not change the orientation. All my portrait images appear in landscape mode. How do I correct?

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    Hello Flutedaddy and welcome to the ArtRage forums
    Unfortunately once a Tracing or Reference image is loaded into ArtRage the orientation of it's aspect ratio can not be changed.
    (It's possibly also worth noting here that Tracing images once loaded can be re-scaled and re-positioned within the canvas but not rotated).
    Digital images contain metadata as to whether they are landscape or portrait and ArtRage uses this information to display the image with the correct orientation.
    It could be that this metadata is incorrectly encoded in the image/s you are using.
    If you open the desired images in another image viewing app, such as Photos or Preview for example on Macs, dose the image/s have the correct aspect orientation there?
    Both Photos and Preview apps can be used to reassign the correct orientations to images.
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