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Thread: Which option defines the brush pressure sensitiviness?

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    Which option defines the brush pressure sensitiviness?

    There are different brush presets in first and second case. I just set in both cases `square head` and in the first preset the pressure was icreased to max value. In boths cases the brush strokes was made somewhere about with light gentle movements without abnormal pressure (I tend to keep my stylus pen in safe ).

    1. In this preset the brush is able to change width depending of stylus pressure. And in spite of the brush is square it
    tends to produce ugly sharp brush stroke endings (note the letter `s` as a start of the stroke).

    2. In this case the brush has constant width regardless of stylus pressure.

    So which setting defines the brush pressure `on` and `off`?
    And how to avoid ugly sharp stroke ending in the first case?
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