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Thread: How to save interface panel layout in Vitae after crash?

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    Question How to save interface panel layout in Vitae after crash?

    When the app crashes while in docking mode, all of the interface panels reset. In AR6, there was a way to manually back up the layout (sort of). In Vitae, I'm not all that sure how since it's a Windows store app. Have they ever added a save layout feature that I'm not seeming to find? I'd think by now that would be fixed.

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    No, you’ve not missed a function or setting. At present there is no in app ability to save backup UI layouts

    I know in ARV from the Mac App Store that the artrage7.prs file which controls the UI layout is still pretty much where it was before.
    But the inner workings of where the Windows Store puts things are a mystery to me!

    However, you could try opening ARV’s Root Content Folder and work backwards from there.
    On Macs the artrage7.prs file lives one level up from the Contents folder. Maybe the same is true on Windows?
    In ARV go to: Tools > Brows Content Folders > Root Contents Folder…
    In the window that opens, if you navigate one level up to the folder that contains the Root Content folder is the artrage7.prs file there?
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