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Thread: Bug naming stencils

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    Bug naming stencils

    I came across a weird bug in Artrage 5, when I'm making a stencil, If I accidently name it the same as something else in the collection - it won't add to the collection afterwards even if I change the name and try 100 times. It will completely ignore it making you think it's impossible to add to the collection. Even if you change folders ,it will not matter. the only way around that I found is if I add to the collection as Untitled the default, then I can rename after the fact.

    I'm not 100% positive that is what is causing it but it keeps happening when I notice I name it the same as something else the first time.

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    Curious… I’ve tried this over and over in AR5, AR6 & ARV and can not reproduce your results.
    I’m on a Mac, which OS are you using?
    When attempting to import an image to use as a stencil that has the same name as a preexisting stencil, I get the attached, somewhat cryptic, warning popup window.
    I can just dismiss the warning window, and without restarting AR, I can rename the file in question and it always imports correctly for me.
    Likewise, creating stencils from layer contents also works for me as expected.
    Do you get any warning windows like the ones bellow?
    Have you tried restarting AR before trying again to import the renamed file?
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