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Thread: Select SD card as default save location

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    Select SD card as default save location

    How do I select my SD card as default save location for files ?

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    Hello culturalproduct and welcome to the ArtRage forums
    It depends on what you mean by “files”?
    Standard image files; .png, .tiff, ect… and documents like PDF, .txt, etc… all can be saved to an SD card on my Mac.
    And ArtRage can export any of the aforementioned standard image formats to an SD card.

    ArtRage’s owns proprietary format of .ptg however has only very limited save functionality on such removable drives.
    You can only use Save As… and have to use a new name each time, e.g;
    1st Save As… PaintingName
    2nd Save As… PaintingName2
    3rd Save As… PaintingName3
    Etc… etc…
    Because of the above, the Automatic Backups and Auto Save features found in ARV will also not work.

    Sorry, just realised you were asking this in the Android section of the forums!
    So the info in my reply will most likely not apply to the version of ARV that you are using. Sorry!
    Maybe if we are lucky a kind Android user will chip in here with more relevant insight!
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