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Thread: First time drawing

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    First time drawing

    I have always loved the idea of being able to draw, particularly fantasy art, but have never tried before. A couple of months ago I bought some pencils and used a blank notebook from work to start sketching. I tried drawing some D&D models, some weapons, then looking at proportions (which are a pain!) and trying the odd eye or hand drawing. I only managed to do about 8 or 9 pages but it has been a start at least.
    For Xmas, my family bought me a digital drawing tablet. On Monday last week I decided to try my first ever full body drawing (using a reference image, not just from imagination) and also my first time doing a coloured image. Today I called it finished. I'm not happy with a few things, the head size is off and the face rather crap, but honestly I am really really chuffed with my first try, and I didn't want aiming for perfection to get in the way of 'good enough' so chose to stop here.
    I got ArtRage 6 with the tablet, used the pencil to sketch it out, then decided to pick one tool to colour with so I can learn how it works; in this case i used the airbrush. I plan on trying to draw this again in December/January and see how much I can improve.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Hello Masterdoddy and welcome to the ArtRage forums
    Thatís a commendable first post from you
    Tricky thing to get right the human figure, and heads especially!
    But yes, while some of the proportions may be a bit off, your painting overall has a nice sense of volume and that it's occupying a 3D space.

    I would also agree with you in your approach to learning to draw and paint, donít get bogged down aiming for perfection early on.
    Know when to call it done and move on to another subject.
    The more individual paintings you can do the sooner things will start to tighten up and come together, and at times, almost without you realising.
    And keep the sketch books going too, frequent real world "analog" drawing will always help you improve and feed into your digital work (and vis versa for that matter!).
    Looking forward to seeing more from you
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    I couldn't agree more with Mark - exceptional work for a beginner. Bravo!

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    Hi Masterdoddy well come the forum. I agree with Mark about the porpotion human body. If you want learning caracter design go to youtube and search caracter design and you have many
    videos about it.

    don't give up the first ones don't come out perfect but with time they get better and better until perfection.
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