In my experience, the Docking Mode only crashes if one drags a sticker from a sticker sheet onto the canvas. I don't know if there are other things that make it crash too. In fact I use the sticker sheets sometimes, but of course not every time I'm working with ArtRage. So it is not completely useless, not to be misunderstood. To place stickers per double click doesn't cause crashes. But one has to think of it permanently. And to drag them directly to the place where you want them is much more intuitive than double clicking, what places them somewhere on the right side of the canvas. One false move and the docks are gone. In such cases it is damn annoying.

Maybe you are right that ArtRage 6 is still supported. But in fact, as I already said, there haven't been any updates since late 2019(!). I don't really believe there will be some in the future. To be honest, I already wasn't sure if it was worth it to upgrade from ArtRage 5 to 6. I don't regret that I did it anyway, because at least the Custom Brush has become better, and the Guides, but I think that the development of ArtRage is very stagnant the last years. That was what I meant with the competitors in my last posts. I'm still not absolutely sure if Rebelle 5 will fit my needs better than ArtRage 6, even it badly seems so, because I haven't tested it yet, the same with Fresco (that can't be purchased, but hired, what is annoying too), and of course Krita and MyPaint and others haven't reached the level of nativeness that ArtRage offers, as far as I know. But if you compare the progress of these apps (except MyPaint) with ArtRage's progress, you will see that their developers are much busier in making their apps better. Especially in creating features that are relevant for high quality painting. And that's what should have priority for ArtRage too, I think. But of course it is Ambient's decision what they want to do, and it is ours if we want to buy it then.

By the way, does anyone know if ArtRage 6 works well on Windows 11?