Over the years, since 2005 Art Rage has added an extensive number of features to the upgraded versions of this program. Now that a variety of editing features and special brushes with effects have been included up to the year 2021 I believe the time is ripe to add a feature you will find in more advanced digital painting programs.

A brush history type of feature would be a great advantage and time saver for serious painting endeavors where you need to constantly make adjustments or correct mistakes. For any object in a painting you generally start with a base color that you select from custom settings that are not default. If you go on to something else and loose those detailed settings it is time consuming to go back through the menu and relocate along with all the other settings that may be custom created at an earlier point in time in the painting process. Many other digital painting programs have built into their program a brush history type of feature where you can go back to that brush setting you created earlier. Some have limitations as to the number of brushes it will keep in memory along with all your settings that are small in number, while other programs are extensive and keep a long list of past brushes and settings. The brush history settings would only be available in that saved .ptg file and never appear again when opening a different painting or starting a fresh new canvas image. I believe this type of feature would be helpful if added to the Art Rage program in future upgrade releases.

If a flaw would occur due to saving too many brush settings that would start to overload the programs memory and create sluggish performance then setting a limit to the number saved would be okay, especially if an additional feature were added to select which brushes you want saved during the process so that historical brush settings that you will not use again are not saved. Every digital painting program that has this feature saves the last brushes used in ascending order until the programs limit of saves is reached. Having the menu of brush history on the surface of the opened program after selecting it through the View menu option would help save the user a lot of time in having to recreate the same settings every time they need to return to this special brush variant and settings for it's application use.

I am not certain about the legal complications if any with creating such a feature and adding it to Art Rage so far as patents and copyrights are concerned. License agreements in many circumstance specifically deny the user the ability to copy parts of the program as an intellectual property right. Still most programs generally have a lot of the same features, therefore this may not be any problem at all.