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Thread: Some honest feedback for Ambient Design and a post-ArtRage recommendation for all ...

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    Some honest feedback for Ambient Design and a post-ArtRage recommendation for all ...

    Hi to all. Two things. One, to Ambient Design - your decision to make ArtRage downloadable only from the Windows Store or the App Store (with all due respect) was not the best one. Yes, you have left ArtRage 6 up for anyone who wants to buy a downloadable product with its own executable file, but what about future iterations of ArtRage? Is Vitae it? Is it an "one-and-done" product, meant to be updated indefinitely with no additional purchases? Or will be there something after Vitae? Will that have to be also purchased (and only from the Windows or App Store, too, with no downloadable executable available)? For tech-savvy users who keep good documentation of serial numbers and so on, Ambient Design's reasoning for switching to a "store"-only format just because people kept losing their serial numbers hardly seems fair or reasonable, even, to those who exercise responsibility over their purchases. At least keep the option open for a fully downloadable product. But nope. (Why?) Two, as a parting recommendation for everyone here who may be turned off by Ambient Design's decision to exclude a fair portion of their potential (and existing) customer base by switching to a "store"-only format for current and future products (and unwillingness to at least include a downloadable option for Vitae), may I suggest that you switch to Krita? They released version 5.0, and I have to say it's pretty darn good. Granted, it does take adjustment and has a little learning curve, but it's free (open-source) and still a downloadable product. URL: Good luck to Ambient Design. Thank you.

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    I don't think an average artrage user will ever get accustomed to the krita user experience and its absolutely insane brush creator, but you have my best wishes with your painting journey.

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    I'm a huge fan of purchasing through the Windows store. Updates are automatic, I don't have to track serial #'s, I can easily install on any of my devices (same windows user account), etc.

    The move to the Windows store makes the purchase easier for most people and lessens support time that needs to be spent with users farking up Serial #'s, having activation issues, etc. It's just good business to make the software easy to install and less of hassle to upgrade.

    I'm one of those "Tech savvy" nerds you speak of and I much prefer having it on the windows store, rather than needing to always download/install each little update.

    For those who want to backup the executable, it's not hard to find.

    And yeah, Krita 5 is super nice for a free product, but not a patch on Artrage Vitae. Especially in the UI area.
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    ANY updates to Artrage Vitae yet? I'm still waiting for the glitter tool to be fixed!

    Will there be a notification of an update to AV here or just at MS store?

    I finally found my order and receipt for AV at the MS store, but it's not listed on my list of apps in my account! How can it get an update then?

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    Not sure I can really offer you much help here CAB as Iím on a Mac.
    But for what it's worth...
    The latest Mac version of ARV is v7.1.4 and Iím presuming that the MS and MAS versions get released around the same time.
    Andy has in the past posted in the Announcements section of these forums about updates and fixes.
    Though on Macs you can just set the OS & Mac App Store to just do their thing of keeping apps up to date in the background without any need of being told there are updates.

    The Glitter tool works as expected for me. In what way is it not working for you?

    As for the internal workings and mysteries of the Microsoft Store you may have to contact their support to fix your missing purchase history.
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    Hi CAB, my MS version of ArtRageVitae is 7.1.4 and the glitter tool works as expected.

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