I have been using artrage for several years now, and I think I know fairly well the artrage interface and the possibilities that this software offers us. And I would like to offer this knowledge through tutorial videos.

I too have been looking for a tutorial for this app, and I found two paid for (on udemy and on Pluralsight), and of course a lot on youtube, however it is quite limited. And there are few people who are really attractive.
By the way, I got to know this app from an excellent designer, on a forum, who did a fantastic job "alioch" (that was his nickname). Now, when I search for artrage on YouTube or elsewhere, I am quite disappointed with the proposals. And I think what Artrage lacks to propel him to the top is this communication.

Imagine for example artists like "The Art of Aaron Blaise" using your software, obviously you are going to have huge popularity.
That's my opinion, but you overlook that aspect.

However, there you go, I say to myself good artrage, in my language, there is not much to offer, and so I would really like to put together a complete tutorial. With all the features.
This is how I turn to you, for more information.
The last question I was wondering was about what's new in vitae arrage.
Can you tell me more.
What do you think the artrage user should know?