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Thread: can scrolling direction be inverted?

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    can scrolling direction be inverted?

    I cannot find the option to change this in the UI prefs.

    Actually, it's inverted by default, and I was wondering if there was a way to make it be industry standard for desktop art programs? When zoomed in, I want to visually move to an actual higher point of the image when I move my fingers up on an a trackpad, rather than the opposite (as though pushing a piece of paper.) I just double-checked, and this is how the scrolling works on all the current apps I use including Photoshop/Lightroom (and other Adobe), Affinity (all 3), Luminar and Pixelmator...and to have one program have a reversed interface is super non-intuitive and confusing.

    Just purchased Vitae, on Mac, and using a Magic Trackpad.

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    Hello iverillian and welcome to the ArtRage forums
    I donít have a Magic Trackpad but assume it must work in much the same way as my Mac's built in trackpad dose.
    Panning and Scrolling with it in graphics apps, it can be setup in two different ways on macOS via a tick box in: System Preferences > Trackpad > Scroll & Zoom > Scroll Direction: Natural.
    1: Old school, from before the days of smart screens and tablets, where finger movements on the trackpad are linked to the Vertical and Horizontal scrollbars of a window.
    Ex; Push two fingers away from you and the Vertical scrollbar will move up the screen. As the scrollbar moves up the content of the window will move towards the bottom of the screen.
    2: The modern default way now, where finger movements are linked to the content of the window, so the contents always track finger movement.
    Ex; Push two fingers away from you and the content of the window moves up the screen, while the scrollbars move down.

    Interestingly Iíve found that if option 1 above is implemented in the OS, ARV will still continue to behave in the modern way, as in option 2 above.
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