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Thread: Porting old brushes from AR4 to Vitae

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    Porting old brushes from AR4 to Vitae

    I'm considering upgrading to Vitae, but I need to keep my brushes from AR4.
    Are they compatible with Vitae?
    If so, maintaining the same look in my work is important - will they look and behave the same way?
    How would I import them to Vitae?

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    Hi and welcome banquetburger.

    ArtRageVitae is essentially ArtRage7 so all resources from previous versions you have purchased will be included in the upgrade. You don't have to do anything. However, some outside filtres which worked in an earlier version will not work in ARV or AR6 for that matter.

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    Because of Sandboxing, at least on Macs, ARV can’t sadly auto migrate any past content, so as you suspected a little manual work is needed to transfer over all your old AR4 content that you may have added.
    So, after first installing ARV…
    1: Open ArtRage Vitae
    2: From the ArtRage ‘Tools’ menu, go to: ‘Browse Content Folders’ > ‘Root Content Folder’
    3: This will open an OS file browser set to the location of ArtRage Vitae’s directories for all the user content.
    4: Close ArtRage Vitae, but leave the file browser window open.
    5: Open your old ArtRage 4 and go to: Tools > User Content > Open User Content Folder… to open ArtRage 4’s root content folder.
    6: Close ArtRage 4.
    7: Now copy the individual folders or files that you want to transfer from the ArtRage 4 root content folder/s into the ArtRage Vitae root content folder/s.
    8: Run ArtRage Vitae so it re-scans the content folders.
    9: All your AR4 Tools, Stickers, Stencils, Colour sets etc… should now be available in ArtRage Vitae.
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    Quote Originally Posted by banquetburger View Post
    If so, maintaining the same look in my work is important - will they look and behave the same way?
    How would I import them to Vitae?
    in addition to what everyone else has already suggested on the subject - yes, your brushes are fully compatible, they will look the same and will actually perform faster compared to ArtRage 4.

    there's always a possibility that somewhere down the line something may not re-import properly, in that case you can either re-create the brush presets in question by running ArtRage 4 and a later version side-by-side, or ask the forum for particular suggestions.

    If your primary instrument is oil brush (as this is what a lot of us love artrage for), you will find out that those underwent a lot of improvement and functionality expansion since your version. they are still very intuitive to use.

    everything else works in the same way, so I hope you will get familiar with the new interface soon and can enjoy painting in the new release.

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